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Vincent Van Gogh took to the canvas with incredible passion and a bold, unafraid spirit. As the inspiration for our own creations, we strive to bring this same passion and creativity to The Art of Vodka. Through the skill and artistry of our third generation Master Distiller, Tim Vos, each of our 16 expressions is part of a carefully handcrafted masterpiece.

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  • 93 Points / Excellent / Highly Recommended, Ultimate Spirits Challenge
  • 4 Stars / Highly Recommended, The Spirit Journal
  • 4 Stars / Exceptional, BevX

By blending grain from Holland, Germany and France, our Master Distiller creates a sophisticated and textured vodka with unique flavors from each region. Ultra-smooth and perfectly balanced, Van Gogh Vodka can be easily chilled neat in a martini, enjoyed on the rocks or mixed up in your favorite cocktail.

Van Gogh Vodka
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With a broad palette of 15 tastes and colors, our award-winning flavored vodkas have been deemed “The best in the flavored vodka business, period,” by The Spirit Journal. Enjoy straight up and chilled, on the rocks or as the perfect blank canvas for your next cocktail creation.

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You can create a cocktail masterpiece with just a few, simple ingredients – and a little creativity. Mix it up with your own personal touch to create a cocktail that’s as bold and original as you are.



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