Which Van Gogh

Painting Are You?

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What are you


Which Van Gogh Painting Are You?

You Got:


Starry night

Gogh celebrate with a Van Gogh Starry Night Sparkler

Just like Van Gogh's stunning masterpiece, you are both classic and complex. Not one to be swayed by trends, your confident and thoughtful nature draws people in for more. With such refined taste, we suggest you savor a Van Gogh Starry Night Sparkler for your happy hour cocktail. Crafted with Van Gogh Vodka, this simple cocktail has uniquely bold and compelling flavor.

You Got:

Cafe Terrace

At Night

Gogh celebrate with a Double Dutch Russian

Your vibrant and adventurous spirit is a natural fit for Van Gogh's bold Cafe Terrace at Night. Always ready to see where the night takes you, your fun-loving energy often makes you the life of the party. We suggest you keep the celebration going with a Double Dutch Russian. A unique twist on the White Russian, this unexpected cocktail is bold and adventurous.

You Got:

Wheat Field with


Gogh celebrate with a Van Gogh Cypress Martini

Just like Van Gogh’s Wheatfield with Cypresses, your natural and easy-going personality is beloved by all who meet you. Happiest when outdoors, you make an ideal hiking companion and travel partner. When looking to unwind with a cocktail, we suggest the Van Gogh Cypress Martini. Earthy and authentic, this classic martini stands out with a natural herb garnish.

You Got:

Van Gogh's


Gogh celebrate with a Van Gogh Sunflower Spritz

Just like Van Gogh’s iconic Sunflowers series, you are both quirky and creative. Whether it’s home decorating or picking up a paintbrush, your artistic qualities shine through in everything you do. Celebrate your creative pursuits with a Van Gogh Sunflower Spritz, a cocktail as bubbly and bold as your personality.

You Got:

Van Gogh's


Gogh celebrate with The Vanilla Sprig

Kindhearted and optimistic, your loving personality brings as much joy to others as Van Gogh’s Irises. Always one to look on the brightside, your peaceful demeanor is cherished amongst your friends and family. Unwind with a cocktail as delicate and sweet as you are, and craft The Vanilla Sprig for a delicious happy hour.

You Got:

Bedroom in


Gogh celebrate with a Caramel Zing

For those lucky enough to be in your inner circle, you are known as a loyal and dependable friend. Somewhat on the shy side, you'd much rather spend a quiet night in with close friends than venture out. Forget the crowds and cuddle up with your own delicious Caramel Zing, a decadent cocktail with a comforting caramel finish.

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