Cocktail for Every Team Color

When it comes to tailgating season, our motto is “Gogh big or Gogh home”.

Customized cocktails? Check. Matching garnishes? You bet. But while we love getting expressive with our details, we also value saving time and resources. That’s why we created these simple, yet bold, team-inspired cocktails; so you can give the impression of being a tailgating champ without ever breaking a sweat (we’ll leave that to the players).

Using our artfully crafted Van Gogh Vodka, or our naturally double-infused flavored expressions such as Van Gogh Pomegranate, Van Gogh Açaí-Blueberry and Van Gogh Pineapple, our recipes have bold flavor with only three ingredients or less. Mix the cocktail that’s perfect for your team and give it a cheer-worthy name for an unbeatable tailgate.