The Art of the Cocktail

August 31, 2018

Category: Events

Celebrate The Art of the Cocktail in Honor of International Artist Day

Every year, individuals from around the world come together on October 25 in honor of International Artist Day, a celebration of the creative spirit and the artists who make incredible contributions to our society.

We celebrate artistry every day by honoring Vincent Van Gogh with each drop of vodka we create. Van Gogh left his mark on the world by taking to the canvas with a bold spirit, pioneering the expressive brushwork that laid the foundation of modern art. Striving to keep his spirit alive, we pour the same passion and creativity into every bottle of Van Gogh Vodka. The result? Bold expressions that make the perfect canvas for your next Van Gogh masterpiece.

This year, we invite you to join us in celebrating International Artist Day by celebrating The Art of the Cocktail. Each week leading up to International Artist Day, we’re giving away two Art of the Cocktail tool kits filled with everything you need to create your own Van Gogh Vodka masterpiece. Learn more about how you can join the celebration and participate in our sweepstakes here.