Tim Vos
Van Gogh Vodka Master Distiller

Tim Vos was born in The Hague, Holland in1956 into a distilling family. Not surprisingly, his childhood dream was to create a world-famous and celebrated spirit — an objective reached when began working on the Van Gogh brand—vodkas known globally for their smooth and authentic taste, wide array of flavors and numerous awards.

Growing up in the business and learning it from the ground up, he worked closely with his father and grandfather in a distillery run by his family. Vos started his training early with tasks such as filling tanks, dragging hoses and discerning alcohol percentage. He also learned how to taste, smell and evaluate spirits. As he grew older and became more confident, he began experimenting with raw materials on his own – mixing and distilling, watching and monitoring, the evolution and creation of a fine spirit.

Eventually, the family business was sold to the Netherlands’ largest wine and spirits distributor, where Vos stayed for another ten years, continuing to hone his skills. In 2001, Vos joined Royal Dirkzwager Distilleries and immediately began working with the distillery to modernize equipment and establish the highest standards in the production of Van Gogh.

When asked why the name ‘Van Gogh’ was chosen to label Royal Dirkzwager’ Distilleries’ high-end spirits, Vos says, “Van Gogh was the name of a famous Dutch artist, a creator of important and colorful paintings. We believe we are creators of Dutch vodkas with a broad palette of tastes and colors, it is a name that makes sense for us.”

Toward that end, and in his role as Master Distiller, Vos created a six-week double-infusion process using natural ingredients that ensure Van Gogh has a bold, saturated taste profile reflective of the model flavor without the alcoholic burn. Vos explains, “When you sip a flavor from Van Gogh you should be able to know it with your eyes closed—know by smell and taste what flavor you are drinking. It should be obvious and natural.”

Vos finds it most exciting to work on new flavors. “Sourcing the right raw materials, fine-tuning the recipe, attaining that perfect balance between flavor intensity, aroma and texture, it is always a kick to get all this right.”

His high standard for quality of ingredients and detailed attention to craftsmanship are just two of the assets that separate Van Gogh from its competitors. While he’ll disclose information on personally-selected ingredients, he won’t share his secret to creating such authentically flavored vodkas.

Away from the distillery, Vos can be found at home fulfilling his passion to create through various types of do-it-yourself projects. And when not constructing a new carport or porch, chances are he can be found in his garden, perhaps thinking about the next flavor for Van Gogh.